The vineyard

The grapevine is the domain of Jean-Paul and his brother.
On 30 hectares, the vine plants which they raise will give the grapes necessary for the development of Gaillac, "guaranteed vintage".The vine is in the region since two thousand years, it's to say it's a tradition.
The useful vineplants in the elaboration of Gaillac are: DURAS, SYRAH, BRAUCOL, more poetically called "FER SERVADOU", MAUZAC and LE LEN DE LEL ( far from the eye). SAUVIGNON and CABERNET SAUVIGNON are used in secondary vineplants.
Jean Paul invites you to visit the vineyard and explains it with love.
He tells you about the cut : "épamprer" in may in order to put down the undesirable shoots, "écimer" in summer to contain vegetation , "effeuiller" thin out the leaves to eliminate those making shade to the grapes and clarify to make fall the moreover of bunches.
According to the season , you will see the grapevine "débourrer", flourishing or its "véraison" in august when grapes change their colour. The best part of it is that you do understand finally in the magic of wine, its tradition and you also do understand much better the passion of the winegrower.
Last but not least, the best pupils will taste his wine a Gaillac named "Domaine de l'Amourié, converted into wine by the cooperative of the winegrowers of Rabastens, which he belongs to.
Be careful , if you try it you will adopt it.