Rural House and Bedrooms in France

The farm

When one arrives at Pepil you are immediately approached by the softness of the spot

The pink brick of the walls, the vineyard spreading softly around, luxuriant vegetation,and the warm welcoming of the dog, all that makes a very pleasant and quietplace.

When sheep have kids, atmosphere is happy , the dog tries many devices of intimidation but the mare or the she-asses quickly brings you back to the reason

The poultry yard is worthy of this name since most of the poultries are represented there, even there are peacocks. Else where the cock slightly irregular undertakes you to remember its time to wake up. Jean-Paul takes you along to visit the fields of wheat, corn ,the melons and the vineyard.

At the time you leave,a pinch in the heart makes you realize that you are stuck to all this small world and these practices of life.

Marie Jose hostess on the spot , explains you day after day and with passion the codes of the animals , her way of raising them , to like them.